Talk To Your Roofing Company About Getting One Or More Skylights When You Have Your New Roof Installed

Posted on: 13 January 2021

If you're getting a new roof soon, consider if you'd like to get skylights at the same time. Skylights tend to last about as long as an asphalt shingle roof, so getting them both installed at the same time is a good plan. A skylight, even a small one, can brighten a dark and dreary home. Here are some things to know about having a skylight installed.

Skylights Can Be Plastic Or Glass

If you want a domed skylight, then you'll probably need to choose plastic. If your skylight will be flat, then you might prefer glass. Glass is more expensive, but it stays clear for longer. Plastic has a tendency to get cloudy as it ages. However, one good point about a plastic domed skylight is that leaves slide off of it while leaves from nearby trees might get caught on a flat skylight.

The Skylight Placement Is Important

You may know exactly where you want your skylight. You might want it above your kitchen island for improved illumination while you prepare meals during the day. However, your roofer might have other considerations to discuss. Skylights can contribute to solar warming unless you get one with tinted glass. Your roofer may want to discuss the pros and cons of placing a skylight on the west, south, or north side of your roof.

Skylights Can Leak

As long as your roofing company installs the skylight properly, leaking shouldn't be a major concern. However, anything that protrudes through your roof has the potential for leaking. Once your skylight is installed, you'll want to check around it regularly, just like you check your shingles and flashing, so repairs can be done before the wood around the skylight starts to rot and rain leaks into your house.

Skylights Come In Different Sizes

You might want a large skylight or a series of smaller ones. You can have skylights put on different parts of your roof for improved illumination in all the rooms of your house. You might even want a solar tube, which is similar to a skylight in that it allows natural light to flood your home, but the opening on the roof is much smaller. A benefit of a tube is that it can illuminate the first floor of a two-story house. Your roofing company can help you decide on the right type of skylight to buy based on how you want to add natural light to your home.

No matter what type of skylight you have installed, you'll enjoy improved lighting in your home, and that could be important to you if your home is always dark and gloomy inside. Flooding your home with natural light could boost your mood and make your home look brighter and more cheerful.

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