Top Signs It's Time To Install New Drywall In Your Home

Posted on: 28 January 2021

Your home probably already has drywall on all of the interior walls. Drywall can last for a very long time, and it can be painted or wallpapered over to give it the look that you want. There are cases when new drywall has to be installed, however. These are a few signs that you should work with a contractor who installs drywall. Then, you can get the help that you need with installing new drywall in your home.

Your Old Drywall Is Seriously Damaged

In some cases, drywall can become damaged. For example, after a house fire, flood, or other, similar type of disaster, your drywall might be beyond repair. Household pests like mice or rats can chew through drywall, causing it to be seriously damaged. Drywall that has a lot of holes or other damage might be better off being replaced as well.

Just be aware that in some cases, drywall can be patched and repaired. If the damage is minimal, having your drywall repaired can be the cheaper and easier option. A professional who is accustomed to working with drywall can help you determine if your drywall should be repaired or replaced.

Also, be aware that if there is serious fire or water damage to your drywall, there is a chance that there is damage to the insulation or wiring behind the drywall. Therefore, when your old drywall is removed, you may need to have everything inspected by a professional so they can determine if these repairs need to be done. It typically makes more sense to have these repairs before your new drywall is put in place, so keep this in mind when restoring your home.

You Want to Change Up Your Floor Plan

You might not really have any damaged drywall in your home, but this doesn't mean that you might not need to install new drywall. For example, you might be interested in changing up your floor plan a little bit, so you could be interested in creating new rooms or closets. If this is the case, then you are going to need to install walls. This means that your new walls will have to be framed out with wood; then, drywall can be installed. Consider working with a contractor to make sure that the framing and drywall installation are done right. Then, you can give your home the floor plan that you want it to have. 

To learn more, contact a drywall contractor.