How Property Damage Estimation Software Can Make Your Job as an Insurance Adjuster Easier

Posted on: 29 January 2021

If you work in the insurance business, you know that a key part of the job is assessing damage claims. If you or your employees regularly go out on-site to estimate property damage at a policy holder's home, you likely already use industry best practices in order to get an estimate and provide that data to both your company and the person that suffered the damage. But today, more and more companies like yours are turning to Xactimate estimate writing software, or property damage assessment software from another leading firm to assist with this part of the job. Here's how property damage estimation software can make your job easier and provide a smoother experience for your policyholders.

Works on Any Device

Today's property damage assessment software works on both your desktop at the office and on your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone while you are out on-site. You can use the camera on your tablet or phone to take a picture of the damage and upload it directly to the property damage estimation software. Being able to use this software on-site instead of waiting until you get back to the office can streamline the entire process and allow you to work more efficiently.

Turn a Photo Into a Diagram or Sketch It Out While You Are Right in Front of It

Property damage assessments frequently use not just photographs but also hand-drawn sketches or diagrams in order to better describe the full extent of the damage. Today's estimation software can convert a photo of a room into a diagram, or you can manually sketch a diagram while you are on-site staring directly at the room instead of trying to do it only from a photo or video later on. This could lead to fewer mistakes and a more accurate assessment for the policyholder.

Provide an Estimation On-Site

Property damage estimation software can take the information you give it and offer the policyholder an initial assessment of the damage right on site. You'll enter what the biggest problems seem to be, and the estimation software will use your company's saved data from other projects to determine how much it's going to cost to fix everything up. This will lead to happy policyholders as they'll be able to get answers about their claim right away, even if they know the assessment is not finalized and subject to change.

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