See Why A Septic System Might Be Best

Posted on: 2 February 2021

The two wastewater systems you may be able to choose between for your home are sewer and septic. Some people have no choice when it comes to the way they go because the options where they live are limited. However, other people have a choice to make and many of them go with septic because they like what it offers over what sewer does. Learn more here about each system and learn why you might also want to go with septic for your own home. 

Understand the differences between sewer and septic

A sewer system is one in which the wastewater from your home will leave your home and property through a collection of pipes. The wastewater will continue through the sewer pipes that will become larger until they reach the treatment plant. When the sewage reaches the plant, it will go through a screen where larger objects will be filtered out that could end up causing damage to the equipment or causing clogs. Some examples of things filtered out in these screens include things like towels, bags, and sticks. Once the sewage has passed through these screens, then it enters the grit chamber where things like sand and small stones will go to the bottom. From this point, the wastewater will go through the sedimentation and treatment tanks where they will go through the treatment process to become usable water once again. 

A septic system is one in which the wastewater from your home will be deposited into a septic tank that is on your land. Wastewater will fill most of the tank and bacteria will get to work breaking down the larger waste. Sludge will go to the bottom, scum will go to the top, and the rest will eventually be filtered and deposited into a leach field that is also on the land. The leach field will allow the soil to do what it does and naturally filter what is deposited. 

Learn the benefits of choosing a septic tank

In order to see why it may be best to go with a septic system, consider some of these the advantages a septic system offers: 

  • You won't have to pay for ongoing sewer services each month
  • You won't have to worry about having issues with the sewer line
  • You will be using a more environmentally friendly option
  • You will be using a lower-maintenance option
  • You will be one step closer to being off-grid if this is your intention

If you decide that you are now a fan of septic and you see the benefit of having your own home on a septic system, then you want to make that call and get started on having a septic system installed.

For additional information, reach out to a local septic installation service.