The Benefits A Metal Roof Offers Your Home

Posted on: 2 February 2021

Metal roofs are quickly becoming one of the most popular choices across America and, indeed, the world. There are many reasons why metal is catching up to the more traditionally popular roofing methods such as tiling, and all of them contain some benefit to you and your family. It is important, however, to be informed as to why you should choose metal roofing over other, cheaper options. Once you have all the facts, you can make an informed decision about whether to go ahead with residential metal roof installation or not. Here are three of the clearest differences between metal roofs and other kinds of roofing materials.


Metal roofs have a lot of benefits, but none are more clear than the significant increase in survival time than asphalt, concrete tiles, or even timber or other more niche types of roofs. This may not be as obvious as you might expect because a lot assume that concrete and asphalt tiles are just as strong as metal, and while that may be true in other contexts, when it comes to standing up to the elements for long periods of time, neither can compete with the rigid outer shell that metal provides your home.

Fire Protection

With many wildfires occurring each year across drier states, fire protection is a genuine concern that many Americans should take into account when choosing their roofing material. During your residential metal roof installation, you should ask your builder why metal roofs are so high on the list of fire-resistant roofing materials. Generally, it boils down to the fact that metal does not really catch on fire unless other materials around (or beneath) it are on fire or the temperature reaches that of the sun's surface, which most wildfires do not. Unlike other roofing types, fire embers have no place to latch onto a metal roof, which is why they are so valued during wildfire season.


If you are going to choose a roofing material like concrete tiles, then you will need to specifically plan for the added weight these tiles will cause on your internal structure. Concrete tiles, and even wooden roofs, can weigh much more than metal roofs. Choosing metal allows you more leeway when making your calculations for structural capacity, and it also makes the roofing far easier to install. Metal roofs often come in large sections and only need a few workers to put them into place at the end of your build, making it a simple finish as opposed to the much more rigorous efforts needed to lug up concrete tiles and set them properly.