Is Impact Window Replacement An Option For Your Home? 4 Reasons To Consider Impact Windows

Posted on: 4 February 2021

Impact windows have become increasingly popular with new home builders, especially in areas of the country where hurricanes or other weather threats are common. But existing homeowners across the nation are also becoming increasingly interested in the potential benefits impact windows can offer. 

If you are preparing to upgrade your home's windows and are wondering whether you should consider installing impact windows, here are some of the most important benefits your family could receive from this type of home upgrade. 

Enhanced security

Home security is a concern for every homeowner across the country. Frequent news stories about home invasions, burglaries, and assaults cause homeowners to look beyond sturdier locks and home security camera systems to keep their families safe. 

Impact windows that can withstand the force of hurricane winds and storm surges are much more likely to resist the attempts of criminals to break into the home. Unlike regular window glass that shatters easily, impact windows are bonded with layers of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) to help them better withstand blunt force damage.

Enhanced UV protection

Another potential benefit of installing impact windows when upgrading your home's current windows is to help protect the finishes and furnishings inside your home. Impact windows are designed to block harmful UV rays, which helps to limit fading and deterioration of upholstery, rugs, flooring, and window coverings. 

Enhanced insulation

Adding insulation is an effective way for homeowners to reduce the costs of heating and cooling their homes. In addition, a well-insulated structure feels more comfortable, with more even temperatures throughout the home in both the heating and cooling season. 

Windows can be a significant cause of heat loss, as well as condensation problems that can lead to air quality issues, such as mold and mildew. The multiple layers and special materials used in the construction of impact windows allows them to offer superior insulation value. Homeowners who upgrade to impact windows may find that their long-term savings on heating and cooling costs can help to offset much of the cost of the initial upgrade. 

Enhanced peace 

Homeowners who live near busy streets or areas where noise is a common problem often experience a quieter, more peaceful home after installing impact windows. The same insulative qualities that bolster energy efficiency in impact windows also work to muffle sound. 

These are just four of the reasons to consider upgrading to impact windows when it's time to replace your current windows. To learn more, take time to discuss impact window replacement with a contractor in your area.