Top Things A Seawall Design Engineer Will Pay Attention To When Building Your Seawall

Posted on: 9 February 2021

If you are preparing to have a seawall built on your property, you are probably planning on hiring a seawall design engineer. This is typically a smart decision, since it can help you ensure that your seawall is made properly. A seawall design engineer will use various information to come up with a great design. For example, these are some of the things that the engineer will probably pay attention to when they start working on the design for your seawall.

What the Regulations and Requirements Are

Depending on the city or town that your beach property is located in, there might be seawall-related requirements that you have to abide by. In fact, one reason why you might be planning on building a seawall in the first place could be because you are required to do so. There might be specific criteria that have to be met when your seawall is built, too; it might have to be built to a certain height, or certain structural components might have to be involved.

The Size of Your Property

The size of your property will impact the design of your seawall. After all, first of all, the engineer will need to know how big your property is so that they can determine how long your seawall needs to be. Also, longer seawalls — such as those that are necessary for wider properties — need more support so that they will be stable against storm surges, wind, and more.

The Appearance You're Hoping For

The appearance of your seawall is probably important to you, since it will probably be located in a prominent and highly visible place on your property. A seawall design engineer might take a look at your beach house and talk to you about the look that you want your seawall to have in order to come up with a nice-looking design.

The Storm Surge in Your Location

One of the reasons why you might be planning on building a seawall is so that you can protect your property from storm surges. In order to ensure that the seawall will be effective at protecting your property, the engineer who is designing it will need to do their research about average and top storm surge levels in your location. Then, they can get an idea of just how tall your seawall needs to be so that it can provide adequate protection. Luckily, there is a lot of data out there about storm surge levels, so it should be easy for the engineer to find this information.

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