A Fresh Exterior Paint Job Can Be A Good Thing When Selling

Posted on: 16 February 2021

Curb appeal is a term you will start to hear a lot if you are working with a real estate agent to sell your home. This is because curb appeal really is as important as they say when it comes to selling your home quickly and increasing your chances of getting the asking price, or close to it. One of the things you may want to have done to improve the way your home looks on the outside is to have the exterior painted. For more information on painting the home's exterior when selling, here is what you need to know. 

You want to choose your paint colors carefully

When it comes to the colors that you choose, there are some things to keep in mind. For one thing, you want to consider sticking with the color scheme the rest of the neighborhood is going with. You don't want your house to stick out from the others, but blend in with them as much as possible. This way, you will know that you haven't chosen a color scheme that is too bold or that turns off some prospective buyers because they feel the home is too flashy or different. 

If you just really aren't happy with the colors of the houses around your house, or there aren't many houses around yours, then you should go with neutral colors such as ivory, beige, or shades of white. Also, light grays, light blues, and warm earth tones work well for any home's exterior. Use the design and the landscape as your guide. For example, if you have a country-style home, then white with a light blue or light gray trim may work well. 

Do people see a new paint job as a positive feature when buying a home?

As long as you have chosen the color of the home wisely, then being able to advertise that the home has a brand new paint job can be one more good thing most buyers will be glad to check off on their list. As long as they like the colors, they may be more than happy with the fact that they can move in and enjoy the home for years before they have to start thinking about having the house painted. Another reason why they will appreciate that the home has a brand new paint job is that it will make the home look fantastic and fresh.

For more information, contact an exterior house painting service.