4 Custom Kitchen Features To Consider In Your Remodel

Posted on: 18 February 2021

Your kitchen may be one of the most important and frequently-used rooms in your home, and if so, it deserves a custom remodel to help it better fill your needs. Whether you and your family need more eating space, better food-preparation setups, or some other custom aspect of the kitchen, a luxury kitchen remodel may be right for you.

Here are four custom kitchen features to consider including in your next remodel.

1. A purpose-built kitchen island

Although many lovely kitchen islands are available ready-made, your kitchen scenario or your interests and skills may call for a custom-built island. Whether this means you need an island that's differently shaped than usual, one that includes refrigerated storage, or one that's just a giant cooktop in the middle of your kitchen, a purpose-built island can be the way to go.

2. A custom kitchen sink configuration

Your kitchen sink is likely one part of your kitchen that you use the most often. Kitchen sinks aren't just used for food prep, but for doing the dishes, washing your hands, and maybe even watering your plants or chilling your champagne.

Depending on your needs, a less conventional sink configuration in your kitchen may be called for. For example, you may need a sink with three or even more basins, or one with a built-in cutting board or an attached dish-draining area. Whatever your kitchen sink needs, your luxury kitchen remodel contractors can help you create the perfect setup.

3. Commercial kitchen quality appliances and equipment

Do you love to impress your many friends with your chef skills at gatherings? Do you dream of opening a business where you bake and sell hundreds of tiny cupcakes? If so, commercial kitchen appliances and equipment may be right for you.

For example, you could install a commercial-sized oven and range with your next custom kitchen remodel. Or you may need a commercial range hood to help improve the ventilation in your kitchen so you can do lots of cooking without affecting your home's air quality.

4. A custom eating nook

A breakfast nook in a bay window is a lovely custom detail to add, but you don't have to stop there. Instead of seating for one or two, you can plan a slightly larger bay window area and include seating for the whole family. Or instead of a small breakfast table, you could have a bar with stools installed in your bay window area.

These are just a few examples of how your custom remodel could transform your kitchen to become just what you need it to be. Contact your custom kitchen remodeling service today to learn more.