Details To Check When You Rent A Radar Speed Limit Trailer

Posted on: 19 February 2021

When you're deciding what equipment you need to make your work zone safer, one product that will likely be on your list is a radar speed limit trailer. This piece of equipment not only posts the designated speed limit for your work zone but also has a display panel that is hooked up to a radar gun so that motorists will get a reminder of how fast they're traveling. The presence of this device can encourage motorists to slow down, which is something that can be critical to ensuring the safety of those who are working in your work zone. If the equipment rental service has a few models for you to consider, try to find a product that has these features.

Flashing Alert

While some radar speed limit trailers may simply display the current traveling speed of each motorist as they approach the trailer, others will provide a flashing alert to those who are exceeding the speed limit. On some trailers, the numbers that reveal the driver's current speed will flash, which should be enough to attract their attention and cause them to apply the brakes. Other trailers have one or more lights that flash upon someone traveling too quickly. Either type of flashing alert system is integral for bringing drivers' awareness to their speed.

Solar Panel

It's ideal to find a radar speed limit trailer that has one or more solar panels mounted to the top so that the trailer can provide its own power. It can be a nuisance and an extra expense to have to find a power source for a trailer — for example, by hooking it up to a generator trailer. Radar speed limit trailers that are equipped with a solar panel will collect the power that they need during daytime hours so that they can run even after the sun goes down.

Large Display

When you look at different radar speed limit trailers, take note of the display size of each. While the panel that displays motorists' speeds may look large from up close, you need to remember that it must be visible from far distances, too. Some trailers have larger displays than others, and the former style will typically be a better choice. The sooner that an approaching motorist can realize that they need to lower their speed, the safer your work zone will be. Contact a local work zone equipment rental service to learn more.