Reasons Your Roof Might Need Repairs

Posted on: 19 February 2021

Problems with your residential roofing can be a major problem for you to encounter. While there are many ways that a roof can be damaged, homeowners may not fully appreciate a few of the more common types of damage that their roof could encounter.

Problems Near the Chimney

The chimney can be one of the weaker areas of your roof that will be more vulnerable to developing problems. In particular, these problems will often be a result of gaps developing between the chimney and the roof. This can allow moisture to enter the home as well as acting as a source of drafts. Luckily, if your roof has started to develop these problems, there are fairly easy repair options as metal flashing can often be installed, and this can close these gaps. Also, there are caulks and resins that can be used to further seal these gaps.

Low Areas Developing

The roof will need to be level in order to ensure that water from rain is able to flow off it. Otherwise, there could be areas that may develop standing water. This can promote rot while also increasing the weight that the roof is needing to support. If these areas develop, they can rapidly worsen if they are not repaired. In fact, you may find that you only have a short time until the moisture that is ponding on the roof will start to make it inside the home where it can cause further water damage to develop. Luckily, a roof repair contractor will be able to address this by replacing the roof support that has started to sag.

Winter Problems 

The winter months can be especially hard on the roof as ice and snow may gather on the roof. These substances can be extremely heavy, and this can put the roof under enough strain to actually damage important structural components. Protecting the roof from these winter problems will require a proactive approach as you will need to remove snow and ice before these accumulations can grow large enough to cause problems.

For many homes, this will require the use of roof rakes to break up these accumulations. However, you can avoid the need to do this manually by installing electrical warming systems that can make enough heat to melt any ice that gets on the roof. This will keep your roof free of ice while sparing you from the need to manually remove this ice, which could be hazardous as you may have to venture onto your roof in order to manually break up ice and snow deposits.

You can learn more about these issues and potential solutions by contacting roof repair companies.