3 Types Of Equipment Used For Civil Earth Moving

Posted on: 24 February 2021

Civil improvement projects can help make a township, city, or state more functional. These projects are often major construction undertakings and require the oversight of an experienced civil engineer and construction crew to complete.

Specialized equipment must be used whenever a large quantity of soil or debris must be moved as part of a civil construction project. Learn more about the types of equipment that make civil improvement projects possible.

1. Bulldozer

One of the largest pieces of equipment you will find moving soil or debris on a construction site is the bulldozer. These machines are valued for their stability and power.

A bulldozer is capable of navigating uneven terrain with ease. The large tracks on a bulldozer help to distribute the weight of the machine over a large area, which allows the bulldozer to work efficiently on muddy or sandy surfaces.

If you have a large volume of debris that needs to be moved as part of your civil improvement project, access to a bulldozer will be beneficial.

2. Dragline Excavator

Excavators are commonly found working on construction projects. A dragline excavator gives construction crews the ability to dig on a larger scale than a traditional excavator might.

The dragline excavator's increased capacity for digging can be attributed to its longer boom and cable-powered bucket.

A dragline excavator is unique because it can be utilized to move soil both on land and underwater. The underwater digging capabilities of a dragline excavator make it the perfect choice for any civil improvement project that involves the construction of a bridge or causeway.

3. Grader

The building of new public roadways is one of the most prevalent types of civil improvement projects undertaken by government officials. Many different pieces of equipment are needed to create a new road, but a grader is one of the most critical machines on any road construction site.

The grader is responsible for levelling the surface of the soil. A large blade is mounted horizontally between the front and rear axles. When this blade is lowered, the grader can level off any surface it drives across.

Civil construction crews will typically utilize graders to create a smooth and safe surface after doing some rough excavation of a new road site with a bulldozer.

The right pieces of heavy machinery make it easy for the construction crews involved in civil improvement projects to move soil and debris with ease.

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