Potential Causes of a Blank Thermostat Screen

Posted on: 24 February 2021

If your thermostat has a screen, you might be alarmed if the screen suddenly stopped working. There are several contributing factors to this phenomenon. In most cases, it is a repair or replacement issue that is minor compared to some of the other things that can go wrong with HVAC systems. The following points identify a few things that can cause this to occur. 

Furnace Door

The furnace door in some heating systems must be securely shut. If the door is not completely closed, a sensitive thermostat will not work. Checking the door and ensuring that it is closed could reset the thermostat. In the case of a damaged furnace door, a repair to the door could mean that you do not have to worry about a thermostat replacement. 


Too often homeowners get busy with day-to-day life and may forget to replace the batteries in their thermostats. Some thermostats do not require batteries. If batteries are the power source for the thermostat, changing them could resolve the issue. The new batteries should restore the screen if it is a battery-related issue. If changing the batteries does not work, it might be another power-related issue.

Circuit Breaker Tripped

Everything in your home that requires electricity is assigned a circuit in your circuit breaker box. If you have an older home, you might have a fuse box. Check the breaker panel or fuse box. A tripped circuit can be reset, and you can change out a blown fuse if needed. If either of these restores power to the thermostat, then your issue should be resolved. However, this issue can happen again shortly after the reset. This is indicative of a serious or complex HVAC issue and will require a professional to determine the cause of the power interruption.

Wiring Issues

This type of issue may start unexpectedly. The wiring in homes can deteriorate and require upgrading. It is also possible for wires to loosen over time. This phenomenon can happen due to natural earth shifting or from activities such as playing loud music or walking through a home. Loose wires will need to get readjusted by a professional. Damaged wires may also cause thermostat issues. Electrical problems or rodent activity involving chewing wires that control the thermostat can cause screen issues. 

An HVAC contractor is a good resource to use when you have cooling and heating repair needs. They can troubleshoot and diagnose a variety of issues. If there are broken components of an HVAC system, they can replace the damaged portions. Learn more by contacting companies like McGuire Plumbing & Heating Inc.