The Steel Guide To Ordering Materials For Modern Custom Home Designs

Posted on: 26 February 2021

Wood may be affordable for custom home construction, but it is not always ideal for modern designs. This is often due to features like open-concept floorplans, structural features, and other elements like steel roofing. The following steel guide will help you with the metal components of your custom home construction project:

Structural Beams for Long Spans

Some parts of the design that you may want to use steel for custom home construction are beams. There are many benefits to use steel beams for the design of a custom home. This is because they can allow for longer spans and open spaces. They can also be installed quickly, which makes them an efficient solution to save time and money when building a custom home. Thus, you may want to use the steel beams to help with long spans and open spaces. The steel beams will help speed up the construction process, so your project can be completed on time.

Structural Skeletons for Open-Concept Designs

There are also options for structural skeletons that can be made of steel materials. The structural skeletons can be used for an open concept that allows for many different design features, including:

  • All-season rooms
  • Structural-steel-enclosed porch designs
  • Greenhouse designs

These are some of the different design features and open-concept designs that can be created using a steel skeleton. The steel skeletons are a great way to leave these structural elements exposed to enhance the appearance with visible architectural components.

Custom Steel Frames for Glass Features

There are also other structures that can be added to your home using structural steel features. Some of these features include glass coverings for enclosed porches, all-seasons rooms, and other features. Therefore, you may want to have custom structures designed using steel materials. This will give you custom glass that is installed in sturdy steel frames to ensure these features have the strength they need.

Steel Columns, Brackets, and Other Structural Elements

The steel columns are another option that you may want to consider for structural features that can be used in the design of a custom home. If you need specific steel structural materials, you can contact a distributor to get standard materials. Some of the standard structural steel materials that you may need include brackets, columns, and fasteners.

The steel features of your custom home can help create modern designs and features. Contact a steel distributor to discuss these structural elements for the design of your home.