Three Reasons To Invest In Custom Insulation Blankets

Posted on: 3 March 2021

Custom insulation blankets are one of those products that appeal to both contractors and their clients. These blankets, sometimes called jackets, are made from layers of insulation with a plastic or mesh cover that allows the blankets to insulate a set of machinery or pipework without the usual costs and effort needed. Insulation blankets have a variety of benefits, including better insulation of your facility, a reduction in required labor, and ease of use over time.

Better Insulation

Insulating most machinery or pipework that gives off heat generally has a lot of benefits, and this is especially true when considering custom insulation blankets. Insulation jackets are designed to insulate hard-to-cover objects, such as pipework that can't be surrounded by injury-causing open insulation or machinery that needs to be accessed regularly. Custom blankets are even better, as you can insulate wonky pipework or non-standard machinery. This means that you can take advantage of the usual benefits of insulation in a much more convenient way over time. This is especially true given the ease of installing the blankets themselves.

Low Labor Installation

Most fiberglass insulation requires expert labor to install and remove. It is difficult to handle and generally unsafe to do so without the proper training and protective gear. As such, many companies or manufacturing plants find that installing fiberglass insulation around certain machinery or pipework does not require it to be unnecessary or cost-prohibitive, even if they would prefer to do so. At this point, insulation blankets can help. Once you order the size you need, you can attach them to whatever hot or cold components with a screw and be done far more quickly than if you relied on the insulation rolls. Additionally, they can be removed far easier than stay-in-place insulation.


One of the best benefits of custom insulation blankets is that they are meant to be easy to install and remove. Insulation jackets are meant to be removable from whatever they are insulating, even if they're cut to a custom size or shape. As such, maintenance and repairs can be done fairly easily on any machinery you choose to cover with the blankets instead of traditional insulation. This allows you to insulate machinery that's accessed regularly for repairs or maintenance, instead of just those that are managed irregularly or never at all.

Overall, custom insulation blankets have a lot of benefits, including better insulation, ease of installation, and long-term convenience when managing insulated machinery. If you are interested in custom insulation blankets, contact a manufacturing group near you today.