Planning A Fundraising Festival In An Open Field? How You Can Use Concrete Barriers For Safety

Posted on: 5 March 2021

If you have been tasked with planning a fundraising festival in an open field, you may be wondering how to go about setting up camp, so to speak. As you envision the festival in the vast open space, the task may seem quite daunting with so much to consider and do. There is one main thing to focus on in these beginning planning stages — safety. Fortunately, concrete barriers are up to the task.

What are concrete barriers? 

You're likely most familiar with concrete barriers from how they are used to direct traffic along highways and other roadways. You also probably recognize them from their use as security barriers at places that could be considered targets for any violence, such as presidential inauguration ceremonies. Concrete barriers are reinforced with steel and can withstand a lot of weight, which makes them effective barriers to prevent vehicles from going into dangerous areas. 

How can concrete barriers be used at your festival?

There are several ways you can use concrete barriers at your festival.

  • You can use them along the roadway to keep pedestrian traffic separate from road traffic. This will be particularly crucial if there will be any small children or alcohol consumption at your festival. Pedestrians will be safely cordoned off from any traffic just feet away. 
  • Concrete barriers can be used around the perimeter of the festival. Using the barriers to surround the festival will help keep younger attendees from wandering off, as well as deter any overnight criminal activity. 
  • Use the barriers to direct traffic and manage vehicle parking in your event's parking lot. To plan your parking lot effectively, it's advisable to hire a traffic flow professional, such as the flagger crew companies that direct traffic for road construction. 

What other safety precautions should you consider? 

Depending on your state and local ordinances, you will likely need to comply with various codes and regulations, particularly those that involve fire safety. Because of this, meet with the local code enforcement authorities to learn what you must provide before you set up the concrete barriers. The code enforcement in the municipality where the event will take place will likely want to inspect the venue to determine what will be necessary. As an example, you may be required to have a specific number of accessibility points that are large enough for emergency vehicles to get through, as well as width requirements for thoroughfares between barriers and other stationary objects such as tents or amusement rides. 

For more information about using concrete barriers, contact a local company that can provide them, like Milwaukee Scaffolding Inc.