Air Conditioning Maintenance That Gets Your AC Ready For Hot Summer Days

Posted on: 8 March 2021

You probably know air conditioning maintenance is necessary for the proper and efficient operation of your AC equipment. Maintenance includes cleaning the equipment and servicing it. You might do some of the chores yourself, such as cleaning and changing the filter, but you need an air conditioning maintenance professional to do the preventative maintenance so you have records for your warranty. Here are things the maintenance technician or you may want to do.

Service The Thermostat

You may want to change the batteries on your thermostat when you have your annual service call so it's easy to remember when to change them. You might also want to clean the dust from inside and outside so dust doesn't cause problems for your thermostat. The technician may open the thermostat to check for loose wiring, and then they might run a test to make sure the thermostat will trigger the air conditioner properly.

Clean The Condenser

Cleaning the condenser is an important part of maintenance since the condenser sits outdoors. The top of the condenser opens to allow access to the inside so leaves and other debris can be vacuumed out. The technician might even use a hose to clean the fins from the inside.

Fins need to be cleaned to get rid of debris, and they also need to be checked and straightened with a knife or fine comb if they're bent. If the condenser coils are dirty, they can be cleaned, too, with foaming coil cleaner.

Check The Refrigerant And Condenser Parts

Once the condenser is cleaned up, the parts can be visually inspected and tested to make sure they are all in working order. Some parts may need to be lubricated, and others that show signs of wear might need to be replaced. The technician can also test the pressure of the refrigerant to find out if there's a leak that needs to be fixed and if the refrigerant is low.

Clean And Check The Air Handler Parts

The air handler is indoors and it can accumulate dust. The technician might need to clean the blower and evaporator coils so your AC runs efficiently. The technician will also check the condensation pan and drain line. It's important to clear it if it has a clog built up because condensation needs to drain freely once your AC starts running.

The air handler has important parts in it, such as the blower, motor, capacitor, and control board. Some of these parts might need to be lubricated, cleaned, and serviced. If your air handler has a fan belt, the belt might need to be changed so it doesn't break in the middle of summer. Electronic parts can be tested with a meter to ensure they operate properly.

Check For Duct Leaks

The air conditioning maintenance technician might also look over your ducts to make sure no seams are open and that there are no leaks. If leaks are found, they are sealed so you don't lose cool air in your attic.

After all the parts of your air conditioning system have been inspected and serviced when necessary, your air conditioner should run efficiently and have the best chance at avoiding a major breakdown once the hottest days of summer arrive.

Contact a local HVAC contractor to learn more about air conditioning maintenance.