How Can You Tell Your Business' Parking Lot Needs To Be Repaved?

Posted on: 8 March 2021

Having a parking lot repaved can be costly, so it's understandable that as a business owner, you don't want to tackle this task until it is necessary. Here's some good news: a few cracks don't mean your parking lot needs to be replaced and a dull color doesn't, either. These issues can be fixed by having the parking lot resealed. However, resealing will not fix everything. There are a few other issues that do indicate you need the parking lot repaved.


Small cracks are one thing. And small holes and divots are also pretty minor issues. If your parking lot is developing large potholes, though, that is another story. Potholes are really hard to effectively fill and patch, and they also mean your parking lot has been deteriorating for a while. If you were to just have the holes filled, the patches may peel away within another year, and you may just have a few more potholes a year down the road. Simply having the entire, crumbling parking lot scraped away and replaced by new asphalt is a far better approach in the long run.

Large Puddles

Parking lots are designed so that they drain and prevent puddles from forming. Sometimes, though, some of the under-structure that was installed to level the land before the lot was placed start compacting or getting displaced. Or the pavement itself may start degrading and compacting, causing large puddles to form. The accumulating water will only serve to damage the parking lot further. Plus, your customers won't like having to park around puddles or step in them. There's really no effective way to raise the sunken, puddle-laden areas of your parking lot. So, stripping it off and replacing it is often the most effective and direct solution.

Raised and Bulging Areas

Sometimes instead of forming low, puddle-filled spots, your parking lot may develop raised and bulging areas. These may look like little hills and bumps with cracks at the top of them. They can make it hard and even unsafe for visitors to drive across your parking lot, and they're also a tripping hazard. You really do not want someone to fall in your lot as a result of lack of maintenance, so in this case, repaving the parking lot is a good choice.

If you think your business' parking lot may need repaving, contact an asphalt paving company to get a quote. Start planning your project, and before long, you'll have a really nice lot.

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