Maintaining Your Vinyl Decking Is As Easy As 1,2,3

Posted on: 8 March 2021

One of the primary benefits of choosing vinyl decking over traditional wood decking materials is the simple maintenance that comes along with the use of vinyl. In fact, you can keep your vinyl deck looking as good as new for many years to come by investing just a few minutes a couple of times a year. This is because unlike wood decking, vinyl doesn't require any painting, staining, or sealing. Instead, simply follow the three basic steps below to complete your deck's required maintenance.

Step 1: Remove Dust And Debris

Using a push broom or other stiff-bristled broom, simply brush away any dust and debris that has accumulated on your vinyl decking. Be sure to brush with the grain of the decking materials in order to keep debris from becoming wedged in between vinyl planks. Brushing with the grain will also allow for easy removal of any dirt that has settled into the small ridges in your deck's design.

Step 2: Wash Your Deck With A Mild Solution

Begin by mixing a mild cleaning solution that consists of warm water and basic dish liquid. Wet your entire deck using your garden hose and then begin washing the vinyl by dipping a push broom or long-handled brush into the bucket of cleaning solution and then using that brush to scrub the vinyl. There should be no need for excessive scrubbing as most debris is easily removed from vinyl with mild to moderate pressure and effort. Applying too much pressure can result in cracks in your vinyl that allow moisture to become trapped under the planks and lead to future damage. You should also avoid the use of any abrasive cleaners or brushes as they can potentially cause damage to your vinyl decking.

Step 3: Rinse And Allow To Air Dry

Once you have finished washing your deck, simply use your garden hose again to rinse the entire area. Be sure to remove all soap from the area before allowing it to air dry. Try to avoid walking on your deck while it is drying as vinyl can become rather slippery when wet. If you absolutely must walk on the deck before it is completely dry. be sure to use caution in order to avoid slip-and-fall injuries.

Now that you have completed these three simple steps, all that is left to do is enjoy your vinyl deck for several more months before you are required to repeat this extremely fast and easy maintenance process again.