Updating Your Outdated Fireplace And Chimney To Keep Warm During Cold Weather

Posted on: 9 March 2021

If your fireplace and the chimney are starting to show signs of wear, it may cause a problem if you want to start a fire. Therefore, chimney repairs and restorations may be needed before you can really use your fireplace. These repairs that need to be done include relining the chimney and other improvements. The following fireplace and chimney restoration information will help you fix these issues to be able to start a fire.

Chimney Stack Exterior Repairs

The restoration of your old fireplace needs to begin with the exterior of the chimney stack. The chimney stack can have different types of finishes that need to be repaired. More often than not, these finishes are brick, which will require special repairs. Repairs that chimney stacks need include:

  • Repairing leaks at the roof behind the chimney
  • Replacing the chimney cap and installing a safety screen
  • Repairing stucco, siding, or brickwork on the chimney stack

These are repairs that may need to be done to the chimney stack's exterior when restoring your fireplace.

Relining the Chimney Flue Pipe

The chimney flue pipe also needs to be repaired when you are updating the fireplace. The problem is that the chimney flue pipe's interior can degrade over time due to the buildup of soot. Eventually, this problem can cause holes to be worn in the walls of the pipe, and it may need repairs.

The best way to correct the issues with a degrading flue pipe is to have it relined. The relining of the chimney pipe needs to be done to ensure you can use your fireplace safely. Today, there are options for the liner that you have installed to reline the chimney. These materials are more durable and designed to be resistant to the heat from the fire. Therefore, they can also be used to update an old fireplace—even if the chimney flue pipe is still in good shape.

Restoring the Fireplace and Hearth

The fireplace itself will also need to have some repairs done to it before using it regularly. Some of the repairs that are needed inside the fireplace include:

  • Replacing reflective brick or panels
  • Installing a new grate and gas system if needed
  • Adding a safety screen to the hearth

Outside of the fireplace, there are other repairs that need to be done to the hearth.

The relining of the chimney is an important repair that needs to be done if you plan on using your fireplace more frequently. Contact a chimney relining service for help restoring your fireplace to use it during cold weather to stay warm.