Vinyl Siding Repair Guide

Posted on: 9 March 2021

Vinyl siding is durable, but it isn't completely immune to damages. Repair of vinyl is a bit trickier compared to other types of siding, though, so you will need to weigh your options carefully if damage does occur.

Typical Damages

Most vinyl siding damages are a result of impacts from natural causes, such as hail damage or being punctured by a falling tree, or it could be from mechanical damage, such as a thrown baseball. Impact damages can result in holes or cracks, with the severity dependent on the size and force of the impact.

Other types of damage are less common but possible. Vinyl siding can warp, for example. This is usually caused by heat, such as when a hot grill is stored too close to the house. Color fading is another issue, especially with older siding. Eventually, sun exposure and weathering cause the vinyl to fade drastically and become worn-looking.

Patching Options

One solution for repairing the siding is a vinyl patch. This option is best suited for small damages, such as a single crack or impact hole. The patch won't be completely invisible, either, so you may only want to use this solution in areas that aren't highly visible.

The damaged area is first cleaned up so there are no rough bits sticking out. The hole is filled with caulk or spray foam so that the void behind the siding panel is filled. A knife is used to smooth the surface of the caulk after it cures. Finally, a vinyl patch is cut to fit over the damage. It can be difficult to match siding exactly, so the color may not be a perfect pair to the existing siding. Finally, the patch is held in place with an adhesive.

Replacement Solutions

For extensive damage or if you want an invisible repair, replacing the damaged siding is the best solution. If the damage only affects one or two siding boards, then you can simply replace these boards if you can find a color match. If multiple siding panels are affected, it is likely more cost-effective to re-side the entire home.

Keep in mind that it can be difficult to perfectly match the color of older siding. Colors can be discontinued, or minor sun exposure can lead to failure to match new and old panels. In this case, it may be better to side the entire house.

For more information about vinyl repair, replacement, or other vinyl siding services, contact a local contractor.