Be Ready to React: Spotting These Signs You Should Repair Your Water Well Pump

Posted on: 26 March 2021

With proper maintenance and regular servicing, you can expect your water well system to provide you with many years of high-quality water in your home. However, if you wish to avoid the costly repairs and inconvenience that comes along with a well system that suddenly stops working, it is important for you to be able to spot the early warning signs that your system needs water well pump repairs.

While your actual well pump may be located deep within your well and out of your sight, there are many tell-tale signs that this vital part of your home's water system is in need of repair or service. Below you will learn more about these early warning signs so that you can be ready to react quickly if you experience any of these issues in your home.

Water Supply Is Mixed With Air

When you turn on your faucet you should get a steady stream of pressurized water. If you get a burst of air that is followed by water or water that seems to spit or sputter as it comes out of the faucet, this is a sign that your well pump could be in trouble. This mixture of water and air can be the result of a water table that has dropped dangerously low preventing the pump from adequately filling the waterline. This problem can also result from a crack in the pipe that connects your well pump to the rest of your well water system. Either way, you will need to react quickly by contacting a well pump repair specialist in order to have the problem assessed and any necessary repairs performed. A failure to do so can result in your pump burning out or your water supply becoming contaminated.

Low Water Pressure In Your Home

Perhaps the most common tell-tale sign that you are in need of well pump repairs is the presence of low water pressure throughout your home. This loss of water pressure may occur over time or very suddenly. Either way, it is important to reach out to your well pump repair contractor as soon as possible if you experience this issue. Reacting quickly to this situation can make a world of difference when it comes to preventing significant damage to your home's water well system.

Significantly Higher Energy Bills

Most water well systems make use of electrical well pumps and pressure switches. If your well pump is in need of repair it will typically cycle on and off far more frequently than it is intended to. As a result, you will see significantly higher electric bills each month. In this particular situation, not only will repairing your water pump prevent further damage to your water system but it will also help to save you money by getting your energy costs back under control.