Signs That Usually Indicate A Need For Basement Waterproofing

Posted on: 26 March 2021

When homeowners waterproof their basement, they're taking active measures to keep water from entering this space. Some people do it as a precaution, and then others do it as a reactionary measure to a problem. Here are several problems that would make basement waterproofing an important service to have carried out soon.

Earthy Smells

Sometimes, your basement is going to cause odors. If they happen on a regular basis and they're of the earthy variety, then that usually means water is getting into this area somewhere. It could be through a structural opening in the foundation, or maybe you have pipes near that have leaked and caused water to accumulate. 

In addition to getting rid of this earthy smell, you'll probably want to carry out basement waterproofing. Then the basement will stay dry, causing no more earthy smells to develop. You shouldn't have to worry about them for a long time if waterproofing is done right. 

Rust on Metal Structures

There may be some metal structures in your basement. That's actually a good thing because it will make detecting water damage a lot easier. If sections start building up rust over time, then that's clearly a sign of water getting into the basement.

Rather than just leaving this problem be and letting the metal sections rust even more, you need to find a company that will waterproof this area. Water is getting in somewhere and causing the metal sections to rust. A professional company will be able to find these areas so that you don't have to guess.

Regular Presence of Bugs

You might get a couple of bugs down in the basement a couple of times in the year, but if there is a large presence of bugs and this is pretty frequent, chances are mold is developing around the basement. Bugs love moldy environments and actually will breed more readily when these conditions are present.

If there is mold causing bugs to breed more, then you probably have structural issues around the basement causing water to get in. You need to handle this situation with basement waterproofing after the bugs have been properly exterminated.

There are problems that every homeowner with a basement has to handle, and sometimes it's the development of water. Some signs related to water require professional assistance from a basement waterproofing company. If you know what these are and do something quick when they show up, you can save the basement and enjoy using it still.