Asphalt Paving Ideas For Your Property That Are Unique

Posted on: 27 March 2021

You're used to seeing asphalt on the roadways, but you might not give much thought to some of the other ways that asphalt can be used and may be surprised by just how useful it can be. When it comes to your property, you might be able to come up with a lot of ways you can use asphalt paving to your benefit. Here are three things you can use asphalt for on your own property: 

1: Pave the inside edges of your property - Paving the inside edges of your property may not make sense right away. However, once you consider the benefits of it, you may find it's something you want to have done. For one thing, paving the inside edges will help you to prevent weed growth that often happens along the edges of a yard. For another thing, having the inside edges paved will help to prevent your dog from being able to dig under the fence and keep them in the yard. Finally, paving the inside edges of the yard will give you a nice lap to walk around your yard without walking in the grass. 

2: Pave a ball court - Depending on the size of your property, you may want to have a ball court paved somewhere. You can erect a basketball hoop on the ball court for basketball games. However, you can also use the ball court for other games like family dodgeball or tennis with the addition of a net. Plus, this will also give the kids somewhere where they can play with chalk, play jacks, play hopscotch, or roller skate without going near the street. You can even put in a tetherball set right in the corner of the ball court, giving you one more options to enjoy. 

3: Pave sitting areas - If you have a large property, then you can choose one or more beautiful spots to create nice sitting areas. The reason why you would want to have these areas paved with asphalt includes: making it easier to keep pests away like ants, preventing the area from getting muddy after a rain, and being able to sit without worrying about itchy grass if you have sensitive skin or grass allergies. Once the areas are paved, you may want to put in a wooden picnic bench with a built-in umbrella, since this gives you a comfortable table and seats that last years and will offer you shade.

For more ideas about how asphalt paving may benefit your property, talk to a service provider, such as ASAP Asphalt Sealing & Paving Co. Today!