5 Times When Adding on to Your Home Beats Moving

Posted on: 29 March 2021

Does the size of your current house no longer satisfy your needs and wants? Homeowners in your position have two primary choices to fix this problem: move or add on. While moving may seem like the only way to make a major change in the home, building an addition can be an even better choice. When might this be the case? Here are five times when adding on could be the right call.

1. You Clearly Identify the Problem

Some homeowners grow generally dissatisfied with their homes over time. But other times, the problem can be easily quantified and solved with a targeted change. For instance, if your family size hasn't grown but you like to entertain, adding on to the public area of the house could make the home like new. 

2. You'll Get a Decent Return on Investment

Building an addition is an investment, so research how that investment will affect the home's value. The addition of bathrooms or bedrooms or modernizing an old kitchen can provide a significant return on investment. While you may not get your entire investment back in home value, it should be more than a minimal boost in price. 

3. You're Happy in the Neighborhood

How is life beyond the confines of your home? Do you like the neighborhood? Do you find everything you like to do or need to buy? Is the commute short? Are the schools good? Do you like to watch the sunset over the water? The one thing that moving cannot provide is the exact same location. So if leaving it makes you too sad, expansion can be a great compromise. 

4. You'd Have to Do Construction Anyway

Home construction is no fun. And if a large-scale renovation will take a lot of time, moving may seem like less of an interruption in your life. However, consider your price range versus your needs in a new home. If you would end up buying something that requires remodeling anyway, you may want to save the extra step and just add on at home.

5. You Can Get a Lot With a Little

How much of the solution can be found in just one addition? If you need more space on the main floor, for example, can you get everything you need from an addition on a single side? Or would you have to do two or three additions to solve a myriad of problems? When most or all of your solutions can be found in a single expansion, it could be a cost-effective answer. 

Where to Start

Want to know more about adding on to your particular property? Then start by meeting with a home addition service. Together, you can analyze what you need and find the best answer — whether that's a home addition or pulling up sticks. Call today for an appointment.