How To Maintain Your New Baseboard Heating System

Posted on: 31 March 2021

If you just had a contractor come to your home to install a baseboard heating system, you are likely excited to put it to work in keeping your structure comfortable. There are a few steps you need to take to ensure your heating system continuously provides you with warmth. Here are some maintenance steps to keep in mind.

Ask for Detailed Usage Instructions From the Installing Contractor Service

Ask questions pertaining to your new heating system at the time it is installed inside of your home. The contracting service that places the system is knowledgeable in how it works and what needs to be done to keep it working throughout the years. As soon as the service places the pieces needed to keep your home warm, ask workers to provide you with instructions on how to use them properly. Since contracting services need to make repairs to existing heating systems in addition to installing new ones, they have the experience in knowing what brands work best and what steps need to be taken to ensure they work properly.

Perform Routine Cleaning of Your Baseboard Units

Baseboard units are installed slightly above floor level in your home. Because of this, they are situated in areas where foot traffic is abundant, leading to premature debris accumulation over other types of heating systems. You need to keep on top of your cleaning efforts to ensure baseboard heaters work to the best of their ability. If debris covers the coils from within these heating units, the amount of warmth emitted becomes decreased. This, in turn, causes the heating units to run at higher frequencies and durations. Remove the exterior panels of your units to check the condition of the coils they cover. Use a vacuum cleaner attachment to remove loose debris. Then use a microfiber cloth to wipe down coils afterward.

Schedule Yearly Appointments With a Heating Service

In addition to cleaning your baseboard heaters, have them checked over by a professional on a yearly basis. This way, if portions are in need of repair or replacement, the service can tend to them during the evaluation, leaving you with non-stop heat for the rest of the season in which you need to utilize it. Heating services also take the time to teach you how to properly clean units if you need assistance with this task. If you do not have a heating service in your area that can perform assessments, consider contacting the installing contractor. They may be able to perform evaluations themselves or provide you with recommendations of heating services they work with in the area.