Should You Install Real Hardwood Floors?

Posted on: 31 March 2021

Hardwood floors are a smart residential upgrade for people who want to add class and value to their homes. Of course, there are a wide variety of different hardwood products on the market. Obviously, there are different species, but there are also different types of hardwood that vary in size and how they are constructed. For instance, modular plank products are the most popular for people who want to self-install their floors. This article explains why hardwood, despite the fact that there are many more low maintenance products on the market, remains one of the best choices.

Real Wood Aesthetic

To many homeowners, the absolute best thing about hardwood is the way that it looks. You just can't replicate the natural feel and look of real wood grains. Even though many products have fake wood grain finishes, few people will argue that they just don't look as good as real wood.

Not only is wood stylish, but it can also be customized more easily than most other products on the market. Hardwood floors are fun to customize and change with unique stains. Obviously, being able to change the stain in order to alter the look of your floor to match with other colors that you've changed in your home. Homeowners love having the flexibility to update their floor without having to completely replace it.

Since hardwood floors can fit with pretty much any style of home, it is easy to find a product that will look great. You obviously don't need to have the same exact product in every room, but most people do because they want a cohesive look throughout their home.

Real Wood Increases Property Values

Authentic hardwood flooring is obviously popular in luxury construction. The mere fact that a product is made with real hardwood will increase the value of your property. Being able to list it on your sale sheet when your house is on the market is definitely a perk that will help increase the selling value of your home. Some people even believe that solid wood feels more solid. It is usually heavier than composite products, so this might be true when it comes to wood flooring on a second story.

Even though many people are tempted to invest in composite and vinyl flooring products, it is hard to beat the natural style of real wood. They need a little more TLC, but they are more luxurious and more enjoyable to own.

To learn more about replacing your wooden floor, contact a remodeling service near you.