The Myths Concerning Custom Aluminum Fencing

Posted on: 2 April 2021

Looking for the best perimeter fence for your property? If you have looked into custom aluminum fences but changed your mind, make sure some of the most prevailing myths are not to blame. 

Myth: Custom aluminum fencing is only for residential properties. 

While many of the customers that contact a fencing company for a customized aluminum fencing option may be general homeowners, many commercial property owners need a customized solution just the same. In fact, more commercial business owners have concerns about specific security threats or property liability issues. Therefore, opting for a customized solution can be a more viable option.

Myth: All ornamental aluminum fencing must be customized. 

Ornamental aluminum fencing can be customized with different designs and shapes for sure. However, many fencing manufacturers do offer prefabricated selections of ornamental fencing, including varieties that are created out of aluminum. You may find aluminum panels with filigree-style cutouts, for instance. 

Keep in mind that working with a fencing company to create your own fence design can be considerably rewarding because you can pick out the design and material solutions that fit your design ideas. But you can opt for an already-made version if you want a quicker solution.

Myth: Opting for custom aluminum fencing is going to be the most expensive choice. 

While aluminum fences can be a little higher than something like galvanized steel or vinyl, you usually will not see a huge difference simply because you need a custom-created type of fence. The general fees will be associated with the extra time involved with designing the fence and collaborations between yourself and the fence company. 

Myth: All fences require some level of customization. 

Not necessarily all types of fencing require customization. It is true that the fencing contractor will have to bring fence panels or materials to your property and build the fence to suit the perimeter and layout of the ground. But, for the most part, general fences can be worked into most types of landscapes without a lot of effort to change the style, shape, or height of the fence.

For example, if you invest in an aluminum privacy fence for your commercial property, the prefabricated fencing panels will usually work just fine without customization involved to change the materials or style of the fence. On the contrary, if you need a 12-foot-tall fence with gates every three feet, for example, you definitely need some customizations. 

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