How To Tell That It Is Time For Your Well Pump To Get Serviced

Posted on: 5 April 2021

Wells provide a lot of water for many different properties across America, whether they are industrial, agricultural, or purely residential. It is always important that your well is pouring out nice, clean water at a consistent rate, and if that isn't happening, then it might be time for a well pump service. But what are the signs that you need a well pump service? For those who have never replaced a well pump or been around them long enough, this can be a hard decision to make. Here are three common red flags that indicate that you need a well pump service as soon as possible. 

Presence Of Silt

If you do not use the water from the well pump in a place that you see it every day (such as your house) then it is important you investigate it every now and then for potential signs of muddy water. Grab a bottle full of water and allow it to sit for a minute. If you notice there is quite a lot of silt and sediment that sinks to the bottom of the bottle, then you can be sure your well pump is either not functioning properly or it has moved out of position and is taking in water from much shallower depths. 

Violent Output

Sometimes when you open a tap or turn on an appliance using water from the well pump it will come out very quickly. It may even cough and splutter as it tries to force out as much water as possible. This is the sign of a well pump that is malfunctioning at some point along the way, and often this is to do with the filter. Even if the flow of water goes back to normal quite quickly, this is a problem that will only get worse without a complete well pump service, so don't wait until it costs a lot more in repairs.

Slow Flow Of Water

This can become a problem when the system you have designed is far too big for the well pump that you have. It is important that you accurately measure how much water you need to move and how far it needs to go before you buy yourself a well pump. While you can add in another pump, it is best to get it right the first time so you don't end up spending another few thousand dollars fixing up the initial mistake. A well pump service would be the best way to determine beyond a reasonable doubt that the problem could come from somewhere else. 

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