Roofing Options To Create A Tile Look When Replacing Asphalt Shingles

Posted on: 7 April 2021

If you are ready to install new roofing on your home, there are different options to consider. These can even be systems that create the look of tile with lightweight materials. When choosing materials, you have a lot of options. The following roofing options are solutions to give your home the look of tile materials when replacing asphalt shingles.

Using Real Tiles for Shingle Replacements

Real tile materials can be a viable solution to replace your asphalt shingles. There are several factors to consider to decide if real tile materials are a good investment, including:

  • If the design of the existing roof structure can support tiles
  • The weight of the type of tiles you plan on installing
  • What improvements are needed to support roof loads (adding roof bracing and structural framing)

The real tile materials may require the roof structure to be sturdy enough to support the weight of the new roofing. Therefore, you may want to consider other alternatives that are available to give your home the look of tile roofing.

Fiber-Cement Roof Tiles

Another option to consider for your roof is cement tiles. Today, these can be specially designed fiber-cement tiles. There are different styles of fiber-cement tile materials that can be installed, including:

  • Slate-like fiber-cement roof tiles
  • Contemporary fiber-cement tiles
  • Conventional clay-style fiber-cement tiles

The installation of fiber-cement tile is one the closest alternatives to clay tiles. The different styles also give you many options for a custom design when you have new roofing installed on your home.

Composite Roof Tiles

Today, modern composites can also be used to create the look of tile roofing. The composites are a great way to replace asphalt shingles with long-lasting solutions. Some of the advantages to using composite tiles to replace shingles include:

  • Tiles can be made from recycled plastic and rubber waste
  • Composite tiles provide a good thermal barrier for improved efficiency
  • Tiles are more resistant to wear and storm damage

The composites are a good green alternative to replace asphalt shingles and give your home the look of tile roofing.

Stamped Metal Roof Tiles

Stamped metal materials are another option that you can use for a tile roof look. There are many benefits to using metal tiles to replace asphalt shingles. Some of the benefits of stamped metal roofing products include:

  • Metal tiles come in various styles
  • Stamped metal tiles can easily be installed
  • Metal tiles can improve the efficiency of your home

The stamped metal tiles are durable solutions to replace asphalt shingles. They are also more resistant to wind and storm damage, which can protect your home during severe weather.

The tile materials can be a great investment to improve your home's design when replacing asphalt shingles. Contact a roofing service and talk to them about these options for your roof replacement project.