3 Questions To Ask When Hiring A Company To Clear Your Raw Land For You

Posted on: 9 April 2021

Are you getting ready to have some raw land cleared? Here are a few questions to ask the company you plan to hire first:

Is Foliage and Brush Included?

If your piece of land is littered with brush, trees, foliage, and weeds that you do not want around, it is a good idea to make sure that the company you are considering hiring is able and willing to get rid of such debris. They may not offer this type of service, in which case you will have to hire another company to get rid of the living debris before your land clearer will come out to actually flatten the land.

If they do offer the service, find out whether they are able to take the debris away once it has been cut down. They may be able to mulch it all onsite for you so that it can be used to grow a garden or to get some grass started when you begin landscaping the land after it has been cleared and bulldozed.

What Kinds of Features Can Be Created?

If you want to add some landscaping features to your property before you started developing it, your land clearer may be able to incorporate the features into the land for you so you can avoid having to pay another company to do it after bulldozing is completed. Your service provider may be able to create one or more of the following features for you:

  • A septic tank hole
  • A small pond
  • Gardening plots
  • A driveway
  • A house pad

Make a list of features you want to have created on your property and give it to your service provider so they know exactly what you expect from them and so they can address those expectations immediately. This will help ensure that you do not end up feeling disappointed with the results you get when everything is said and done.

What Can Affect the Timeline Estimate?

To make sure that you have a clear understanding of how long the land clearing process should take, find out what can affect the timeline estimate that your service provider gives you before any work is started. For example, rain may or may not be a factor depending on the type of equipment that is being utilized.

Other things that may affect the timeline estimate you are initially given are equipment availability, staffing, and even permit problems. Your service provider should be able to give you an idea of what issues, if any, are a possibility and how the issues may affect your timeline overall. Contact a company that offers land clearing services to learn more.