An Introduction To Handrails

Posted on: 9 April 2021

Stairs and uneven walkways are just a couple of examples of places where handrails are important. Also, it is important to have handrails installed in certain areas inside a home if there is someone in the home that has mobility issues. For example, a handrail down a long hallway can make it easier and safer for them to walk down the hallway without getting tired and falling. There are different styles of handrails available. One popular option is round handrails. Here is more information on round handrails, as well as on handrails in general: 

The importance of handrails

Handrails should be installed anywhere where someone may lose their balance or struggle to safely walk. The good news is that there are styles of handrails that look nice, so instead of the railings being awkward looking, they can actually add a nice touch to the space. Handrails need to be made of strong material and they need to be installed so they offer people security. This means they need to be installed so they stay in place and don't move or have any give. When handrails are in place, the space will become safer. 

The materials handrails are made from

Handrails can be made from different types of materials. The main considerations are that the materials are strong and that they will offer a smooth and easy-to-grab rail that works well for people. Wood is commonly used for handrails and so is stainless steel. However, there are other materials that are used as well, including materials like glass and wrought iron. Wood is nice because it can blend into the decor of a lot of homes and businesses. Stainless steel is also nice because it can add a nice accent touch to many homes. 

The benefits of round handrails

The shape of the handrails is very important. You don't want to have handrails that are a shape that is going to be awkward for people to grip. For example, square handrails would be hard for people to easily grip and hold onto. Round is a perfect shape for them because it is easy for people to grip and for them to slide their hands along as they are moving along. 


When you are choosing the right handrails for a home, or anywhere else, you want to think about safety first. This is why handrails need to be a circumference and a shape that fits nicely in someone's hands. You also want a material that's easy to sanitize and that will continue being strong and good-looking for a long time.