The Rain Gutter Installation Guide to Collection Systems and Features For Water Resources

Posted on: 9 April 2021

If you are planning on investing in gutters for your home, it is also worth investing in a rain collection system. Your rain gutters' design will be affected by this because specific features like pre-filtration for downspouts need to be installed. The following guide will help add a collection system to add an extra water resource to your home:

Choosing the Gutter Canal Sizes

The size of your gutter canals is one of the first things you need to think about. The gutter canal size should be wider with a rain collection system. This helps to increase the capacity of the gutters to collect water when it rains. Other features like downspouts and drainage pipes will need to be sized to fit the gutters and rain collection system.

Filtration Solution To Keep Tanks Clean

Another area where you need a good design is filtration. There are several solutions to filter the water that comes from roof runoff, including:

  • Screens and gutter guards
  • Prefiltration for downspouts
  • Screens and covers for collection tanks

The filtration solutions can include charcoal filters or water purification to provide clean water to use. The installation of filtration systems will help to keep the water from roof runoff clean.

Attractive Downspout Designs for Rain Gutters

The downspouts can also be an area where you want to plan improvements for rain gutters. If you are adding a rain collection system, sometimes it can be difficult to keep the downspouts attractive. Solutions to consider for attractive rain collection downspouts include:

  • Hidden downspouts in casings and exterior finishes
  • Burying the downspout drain lines
  • Locating storage tanks near the downspouts

The downspouts can be much more attractive if they are out of sight and have a premium design. You want to avoid features like visible pipes that go from the downspouts to storage tanks.

Solutions for the Rain Barrels or Storage Tanks

The installation of a rain collection system for your gutters will require a storage solution. The most common solution is to use rain barrels, but there are other options with professionally installed rain gutters, including attractive rain collection barrels, tanks (located in an inconspicuous location), and buried tanks. The installation of tanks or rain barrels is important to have the storage you need for your system.

The installation of gutters is a great opportunity to add a rain collection system to your home. Contact a rain gutter installation service to discuss these options when you have new gutters installed.