Adding A New Patio To Your Property

Posted on: 14 April 2021

Adding a concrete patio can be a cost-effective way of greatly improving the quality of experience that you have in your yard. While concrete patios can be among the simplest of landscaping and property upgrades, it will still require forethought to avoid spending time and money making changes to the patio in the future.

Consider The Way That Water Will Strike The Surface Of The Concrete Patio

An important factor for any paved surface will be the way that water strikes the surface and drains from it. If the water is allowed to simply accumulate on the surface of the pavement, it will be able to cause immense damage in the form of cracking, chipping, and even potholes forming. Whenever the paved surface is designed, a comprehensive drainage system should also be included that will eliminate the moisture that is gathering on the surface by safely transporting it away from the pavement. This can be done by either utilizing a series of drains and pipes to move water or to design the patio so that it is elevated in the center. This will allow gravity to move the water off the pavement.

Appreciate The Enhanced Durability Of Thicker Slabs Of Concrete

Due to the fact that individuals will not be parking cars or other heavy vehicles on the patio, they may underestimate the need for the patio to be made as thick as possible. A thick patio will be able to support more weight, which can reduce the risk of the patio cracking as a result of too many people occupying it or the combined weight of individuals, grills, furniture, or other items that may be placed on the patio. At a minimum, the concrete slab should be at least several inches thick so that it will be able to support the weight that the patio could be expected to have to support.

Give The Concrete Enough Time Before Using It

Any concrete surface will need time to cure before it can be usable. This ensures that the concrete will reach its maximum strength. Otherwise, moisture inside the concrete could create weak spots that may lead to cracks and other structural issues developing with the pavement. Most concrete surfaces may need several weeks or longer to cure, and while it can be easy to grow impatient during this process, it will be better for the long-term durability of your home's new patio.

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