3 Things to Know About Chimney Cleaning Services

Posted on: 15 April 2021

A chimney is a device that your fireplace uses to eliminate smoke, fumes, and gases that occur from fires. If you have a chimney, you will need to hire a company to clean it. Getting it cleaned is vital for the safety of your home and family, and here are three crucial things to know about residential chimney cleaning services.

Why You Need to Get Your Chimney Cleaned

A chimney is an essential part of your fireplace system, yet it is an area you cannot see. The inside of a chimney can become dirty from use, yet you would never know that it is dirty. Each time you use your fireplace, the soot from the fire can accumulate to the walls of the chimney flue. If too much soot accumulates in the flue, it can create a blockage. The smoke and fumes from the fire will have nowhere to go. As a result, they might enter your home. When you get your chimney cleaned, the company removes the built-up soot, leaving your chimney clean and safe to use.

How Often You Need These Services

Most chimney cleaning companies recommend getting your chimney cleaned once a year. You might want to do this in the spring when you finish using your fireplace for heating your home. You could also choose to do this in the early fall before you begin using your fireplace for the winter. You can choose when you get the services, but you should aim to do this annually.

Risks of Not Getting Your Chimney Cleaned

Not cleaning a chimney poses several major risks to you and your family. First, it increases the risk of a chimney fire developing. A fire in your chimney is messy, dirty, and dangerous. Secondly, a fire in your chimney can lead to smoke damage in your home. Smoke damage is extremely devastating to a home and everything in it. Finally, you take the risk of health problems. If the smoke has nowhere to go, it will enter your home. Breathing in this smoke can lead to health problems and poisoning. These are just some of the main risks you take by not cleaning your chimney.

If your home has a chimney that you use, you will need to get it cleaned each year. Failing to do so can lead to problems, including house fires. If you would like to schedule services, contact a company in your city that offers residential chimney cleaning services.