Signs A Spring On Your Garage Door May Be Bad And Why You Should Let A Professional Change It

Posted on: 15 April 2021

You may not give much thought to the way your garage door works until it starts having problems. Several things can go wrong and need to be repaired over the years. One of the most serious problems is when a spring snaps. You might have some warning the spring is going bad or you might be surprised by a loud pop and a door that won't budge. Here are some signs of a bad garage door spring, why replacing a spring isn't a DIY repair, and when to call a garage door repair service for help.

Signs A Garage Door Spring Is Bad

If you have two garage door springs with one on each side, a single spring might be bad, but the other spring might work well enough to keep operating the door. However, the door might be slow or jerky. If you have a single spring across the top of the door, your door probably won't work at all once the spring is bad.

Signs of a bad garage door spring include noisy operation, unevenness, shuddering, damaged or gapped springs, failure to open completely, loose cables, failure to operate at all, and loud popping noises from your garage.

Dangers Of DIY Garage Door Repairs

Garage door springs hold tension. This is necessary so they can lift a heavy garage door. However, all that tension can cause a spring to snap and that could cause a serious injury if you're close to the door when it happens. Plus, garage doors are usually quite heavy, so you don't want to be around the door if it starts to slide down fast.

Repairs Should Be Done Without Delay

If one of the springs goes bad and the other one is lifting the door, you should still call for prompt repairs because the extra strain on the working spring could cause it to snap. Plus, if one spring is bad, the other one will probably go bad soon.

Garage door springs have a lifespan rated in cycles of opening and closing. If you use your door several times a day, it wears out faster than if you rarely use the door. Weather conditions such as freezing temperatures and condensation can also shorten the life of the springs. Since both springs are subject to the same conditions, they wear out at the same time and are usually replaced at the same time, even if only one is bad.

Since being trapped inside or outside of your garage is a possibility, call a garage door repair service if you think a spring might be bad, especially if the springs are several years old. A repair professional can change out a spring fairly quickly and adjust the tension so your door operates safely again.

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