Hire A Masonry Contractor To Build A Brick Mailbox To Protect Your Mail From Theft And Vandalism

Posted on: 19 April 2021

If you're tired of kids vandalizing your mailbox or thieves targeting it, consider hiring a masonry contractor to build a brick mailbox. Since it's made of concrete and brick, the mailbox is virtually indestructible by vandals out looking to smash mailboxes. Even if crime isn't a concern, you may want a brick mailbox because of the way it complements your property. Here's a look at having one of these mailboxes installed.

Consult With The Masonry Contractor

An important initial step is to choose the stone and mortar that matches your home best. The contractor might choose an exact match if your home has brick or stone siding so the mailbox looks like an extension of your home.

You'll also want to plan the appearance of the mailbox with the masonry contractor. You might want the bricks rounded on top or you might want straight sides that look like a column. The contractor might have ideas for designing the mailbox to give it an interesting shape. You might also want a light on the box, a smooth cement front for displaying your house number, planters on the side or front, or other decorative touches. The details have to be planned out in advance since the contractor sets the bricks in mortar and changes are difficult to make later.

Choose The Mailbox Insert

A brick mailbox will last a long time, so choose a high-quality insert for it. A typical metal mailbox might rust due to rain exposure over the years, so consider going with an insert made of powder-coated aluminum. These can have decorative fronts so they have an upscale appearance.

In addition, you might want a mailbox that has a pull-down door or one with a letter slot and drawer. Talk to the masonry contractor about adding a back door on the brick column so you can get your mail without having to get too close to the street. Select your mailbox ahead of time so the masonry contractor has the dimensions to work with when planning how to build the brick column to hold it.

Have The Mailbox Built

Building a brick column for a mailbox starts with a level concrete slab. Then the column can be built with internal cement blocks and bricks or stones applied to the outside of the blocks. The entire process might take a few days since the pad might need to cure for a day before construction begins.

Masonry work requires skill and experience, and since the mailbox will have a prominent place in your yard, you'll want to hire a contractor to put in your new box. The end result is an attractive, durable, and strong mailbox that resists tampering and vandalism. For more information, contact a masonry contractor