Buying Land? 4 Things You Can Gather From A Property Survey

Posted on: 20 April 2021

Buying property is an exciting and significant step anyone could ever make. Whether you need it for residential or commercial purposes, you have to be careful during the buying process to avoid future surprises. Besides, you need to conduct a property survey to confirm that the property is within the set boundaries.

If your property line is found to go beyond where it is supposed to, you could land yourself in trouble. By hiring a property surveyor, you will have a clear understanding of the land's boundaries. But before you learn the information you can get from a property survey, it might help to familiarize yourself with what the surveyors do.

You have probably spotted one or two surveyors taking measurements on a piece of land somewhere. They could be doing it for a new buyer interested in the property or a family that needs to settle a land dispute. Essentially, surveyors check the legal boundaries of the property. They also confirm if there are any developments on the land. Other information they capture is the presence of any easements or trespasses as well as the land's topography.

Now you know what a surveyor does, take a deeper look at the information you will get from your property survey.

1. You Get Details About Your Property's Lines

It is essential to confirm if there are any grey areas in your land through a property survey. Once you know how far your land goes, you can do anything you wish without worry. If there is an existing construction, you can comfortably do an expansion without fearing questions from your neighbors. If you fail to do a property survey, you may find yourself in trouble with the law.

2. You Will Have Information About Easements

An easement is a situation where someone or a company shares part of your property. Examples include power lines, a road, or a beach. Although most do not lead to anything serious, you still need to know about them to avoid problems down the line.

3. You Get Information About the Topography

Topography is all about the features of the land you are about to buy. You can get the current elevation status and a flooding certificate before putting up any structure. With such information, you and your team of builders can decide on the best construction designs to save on future damage costs.

4. You Will Be Conscious of the Hazards in the Area

Landslides, erosion, and high-water tables can be hazardous if not spotted on time. By sending a surveyor on a property before buying, you will avoid falling victim to these dangers.

These are the four main pieces of information you will get from hiring a property surveyor. To learn more, contact a property surveying company.