Why You Should Have Railings On Your Dock

Posted on: 20 April 2021

Prior to the construction of your dock, you'll want to take some time to think about exactly how you want the dock to look. Not only will you need to choose its size and shape, but you'll also need to put thought into the materials from which the dock will be made. Another decision to make is whether or not the dock will have railings. Your dock construction company can talk to you about various railing materials and styles that will be a good fit with your dock. There are several reasons to move forward with railings on your dock, including the following.

Increased Safety For People

The presence of railings along the edges of your dock will provide safety for those who are walking on this structure. This can especially be important if you want a floating dock, as it can rock gently when the water is rough. People who use your dock will appreciate having a railing to hold, as it will make them feel more stable. If you have elderly parents who will visit you and spend time on the dock, you may especially want to consider railings. The presence of the railings can also lessen the risk of someone falling off the dock. Should a family member or friend trip and stumble toward the edge of the dock, they'd likely be able to grab a railing to get themselves under control.

Potential For Storage

Provided that you get your dock railings made from a durable material such as wood, they'll provide the opportunity to help with storage. For example, you can hang various types of hardware on the railing posts that will hold items that you'll use around the water. A set of fishing rod holders can keep your rods out from underfoot when you're fishing on the dock, while another option would be to install a kayak holder to a pair of the railing posts to hold your kayak.

Suitable For Lights

Adding lights to your dock can make it a hospitable place to hang out at night, as well as make it more visible to passing boats. While you can mount lights to the surface of a dock, placing them on your railings and railing posts will often help the space to be brighter. Additionally, you'll find that there are far more options for lights that you can mount in these areas than on the surface of the deck.

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