Planning To Have Your Custom Log Home Built

Posted on: 21 April 2021

Log homes can be a popular option for individuals who want a house with a rustic design. Yet, there are some myths about this housing option that may prevent individuals from choosing to have their dream log home built.

Myth: Log Homes Are Always Energy-Inefficient

The energy efficiency of a home is always a major concern for individuals that are looking to have a home custom built. Due to the fact that a log home will have a rustic appearance, individuals may think that a log home will have inherently poor energy efficiency. In reality, there is nothing preventing a log home from being as energy efficient as more modern designs. This is due to the fact that the logs themselves will be resistant to transferring heat, and the homeowner will be able to install additional insulation that will further reduce the amount of heat loss or gain that occurs.

Myth: It Is Difficult To Find The Suitable Logs For The New Home

Finding logs for the construction of this type of home will not be as difficult as individuals may be prone to assuming. In fact, there are many suppliers of log home materials that will be able to furnish your project with high-quality logs that will ensure the final result of this project is an aesthetically pleasing structure that is also extremely durable. This will include ensuring that the project is supplied with logs from the same types of trees that are also of a similar age. These factors can help to give the home a more cohesive appearance. These services may also be able to arrange for the delivery of these logs to the construction site, which can be helpful as moving them may prove to be a logistical challenge due to the size of the logs.

Myth: A Log Home Will Be Difficult To Maintain

The maintenance needs of a log home will not be radically different than what other types of structures will require. However, you will likely want to regularly apply a sealant to the exterior of the home. This will protect the logs against exposure to moisture, which could cause them to rot or experience discoloration. Furthermore, you will want to be diligent about removing moss from the home when it first starts to grow as it can be extremely damaging to the exterior of the structure. Discussing the maintenance needs of your new log home with the contractors can help you with ensuring that you are preparing a suitable maintenance schedule for the home that will keep it standing and looking beautiful for years into the future.

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