Reasons Why You Shouldn't Ignore Signs Of Water Damage

Posted on: 27 April 2021

Your home can experience water damage due to different causes. The excess water could result from flooding after a storm, plumbing issues, or roof leakage. Whatever the source of the water damage, you should identify the signs early and contact a 24/7 water damage restoration contractor to solve the problem instantly. The signs of water damage include the following:

  • Formation of brown patches on the ceiling
  • Dripping of water from the ceiling
  • Formation of cracks in the foundation
  • Moisture accumulation on your home's surfaces

Ignoring these water damage signs can lead to more damage to your home, risking property damage and financial losses. Here are the reasons why you shouldn't ignore water damage.

Problems Due to Mold Growth

When moisture starts accumulating in your house, mold can grow quickly. The mold can grow on your walls, in your crawlspaces, on your furnishings, and throughout the entire home, resulting in damage to your belongings. The molds can also pose a risk to your health. The fungi release spores that can cause severe allergies that manifest as teary eyes, sneezing, or skin inflammation. The condition can get worse if any of your home's dwellers have asthma as the spores can trigger asthmatic attacks. Therefore, keep your home dry by utilizing 24/7 water damage restoration services and avoid mold-related problems.

Structural Damages

Excess water in your home can cause great structural damage. For instance, your ceilings may bend, the wooden pillars may rot, and the foundation may weaken. Therefore, you need to do repairs immediately to keep out the excess water. Ignoring these signs will cost you more money for the repair or replacement of the damaged area. Besides, you will incur huge financial losses when your home collapses.

Reduced Safety in Your Home

Water damage can result in the weakening of roofs, ceilings, and floorboards. Also, dripping water can form water pools on the floor. Such living conditions pose a risk to the well-being of your home's dwellers. For instance, you can easily slip off the water on the accumulated water on the floor, resulting in a slip and fall accident. Additionally, damaged floors could have holes that you could accidentally fall into and sprain your leg. Although you may have insurance, your insurer may not take liability because your home is in bad condition. Therefore, you can improve your home's safety by doing repairs when you notice water damage signs.

Water damage in your home can result in structural damage, mold-related problems, and reduced safety in your home. You should contact 24/7 water damage restoration services when you spot any water damage indicators to avoid these problems.