Helpful Tips When Applying Sealant To Basement Walls For Waterproofing Measures

Posted on: 28 April 2021

Homeowners today are lucky in that they have a lot of options for keeping water out of the basement. Some are more expensive than others and they also vary in effectiveness. If you've elected to seal the basement walls as your waterproofing measure, remember these keys to optimal results.

Assess the Structural Integrity of Walls

Before you go to put a sealant on the walls in the basement, you first want to look at the condition of the walls. Are they structurally sound and thus ready to receive the sealant product that you've purchased for them?

If nothing is majorly wrong, then you can start sealing them right away. However, if there are major problems like holes or punctures, you want to have them professionally addressed. This is needed for the wall sealing products you purchased to work effectively at keeping water from coming into the basement.

Get a Large Paint Roller

If you have a pretty large basement, then that's a lot of space you'll have to deal with when putting sealants on the basement walls to keep them better protected from water damage. You won't struggle still if you are able to get a large paint roller.

It will make the basement wall sealer extremely easy to apply. You can get a lot of coverage with just a couple of swipes and then before you know it, every wall in the basement will have sealant. Even if you have to apply multiple coats, having a large paint roller will make things a lot easier.

Make Sure Sealant Is Rated to Last a Long Time

You'll spend a good amount of time putting sealant on basement walls. You thus don't want your hard work being meaningless in just a couple of months. You want a sealant product that is able to stay on your basement walls for a long time and still provide great waterproofing capabilities.

Look at the marketing for these sealants. The ingredients, the sealant manufacturer, and the rated longevity are all things to think about for getting basement wall sealing products that you don't have to reapply for a long time.

Basements don't have to fall victim to severe water damage if you quickly implement waterproofing solutions. If you believe sealing the basement walls is the best thing you can do to keep water at bay, then find a good product that you can effectively work with so that this renovation makes a difference. 

Reach out to a basement waterproofing service in your area to learn more.