Six Factors That Make Your Gutters Require Cleaning More Frequently

Posted on: 28 April 2021

Having your gutters cleaned when necessary is essential for numerous reasons. Gutter cleaning keeps your home tidy and prevents problems around the home such as roof leaks.

How often you need to have your gutters cleaned depends on many things. The following are six factors that make your gutters require cleaning more frequently. If you correct any of the following issues, your gutters could stay cleaner longer. 

Not trimming vegetation back

If you want to keep your gutters in the best possible shape, it's important that you don't allow vegetation to become overgrown. In particular, you need to trim back overhanging branches from trees and bushes growing up at the level of your gutters and above. 

Failing to have gutter guards installed

Gutter guards are effective at keeping leaves and other types of debris out of gutters. If you invest in gutter guards, you'll notice that your gutters get clogged less often and stay clean longer. You'll also find that your household is less likely to experience ice dams and frozen gutters during the winter months. 

Having old gutters in place

If your gutters frequently need to be cleaned out, it might be a good idea to simply have them replaced. Old gutters might clog and accumulate debris more quickly. They are also more likely to develop leaks. As a general rule, you should expect to need new gutters around once every 20 years

Having pest problems around your home

Pests like birds and rodents can cause a lot of gutter problems. They often build nests inside of gutters, eventually creating clogs. If you prevent pests from making their home in or around your home, your gutters will stay cleaner. 

Living in a home surrounded by tall pine trees

All trees periodically shed leaves that are typically responsible for gutter clogs. However, pine trees, in particular, shed needles very frequently and therefore are likely to cause gutter cleaning needs more frequently.

You should expect a relatively fast buildup of debris in your gutters if you live in a home that's surrounded by tall pine trees. 

Trying to do DIY cleanings instead of hiring professionals

You may be accustomed to cleaning your gutters out yourself when necessary. However, if you want to enjoy the most thorough cleaning possible, you're better off having a professional gutter cleaning service handle the job.

Professionals have the equipment and expertise needed to get your gutters as clean as possible.  For more information, contact a gutter cleaning service.