Troubleshooting Guide to Dealing With Pool Filter and Pump Problems

Posted on: 28 April 2021

After opening your pool, there may be problems with the pump and filter that need to be addressed. These issues can cause poor circulations and problems with the water quality. Therefore, there may be pool repairs that you need to have done. The following troubleshooting guide will help find the cause of your pool's pump and filter problems.

Plumbing and Pool Drains

The plumbing and drains of your pool may be the first area you want to check if there is a problem with water circulation. These can include problems like debris that blocks the skimmers or missing drain covers. Missing drain covers are also a hazard, and you want to have these issues repaired by a professional pool repair service.

Leaf Traps and Connections

Debris can damage turbines and moving parts inside your pool pump. A leaf trap is a device that is used to prevent these problems by collecting debris before water circulates through the pump. You are going to need to remove any debris from the leaf trap and check the casing for leaks or damage. If it is cracked, you may want to have a pool repair service install a new leaf trap. You may want to have other plumbing connections to pool equipment checked for leaks while replacing the leaf trap.

Pumps and Frozen Turbines

Another issue that you may have with your pool pump is frozen turbines. This can be due to debris that is blocking the turbine and preventing the flow of water. If this happens, you need to remove the pump and disassemble it. Once the pump is disassembled, you need to clean all the parts and put the pump back together. If the pump works fine after a good cleaning, it does not need repairs.

Filters, Medium, and Seals

There is also the filter, which may cause a lot of your pool pump problems. Thus, there are some issues that you want to troubleshoot with the filter. First, you want to make sure the filter medium has been changed or cleaned. You also want to inspect connections and seals of the filter housing for leaks. If there are damaged seals, they will need to be replaced to prevent leaks that cause your pool to lose water.

The problems with pumps may not be too noticeable when you open your pool but get worse as summer goes on. Contact a pool repair service to discuss options to repair these issues when they start to cause problems.