Ways to Refinish Your Home Exterior With a Custom Siding Design

Posted on: 28 April 2021

If your home's exterior is worn out, it may be time to refinish it with new siding. Now, you probably want some ideas to refinish the exterior of your home with different custom siding designs. These can be contemporary or more traditional finishes that enhance the appearance of the exterior of your home. The following siding design ideas are some of the options you may want to consider to refinish the exterior of your home:

Add Shake Siding on Gables

To give your home more of a craftsman look when installing new siding, shake materials are great. The shakes can be installed on areas like gables to highlight architectural design features. You may want to use shakes in other areas too. The benefit of shake siding is that it is available in natural wood and other alternative materials. There are even options like fiber cement shake siding materials.

Create Frieze Board Transitions

The transition from one material is important, which is why frieze boards are used with siding. The only problem is that it is sometimes too small or not used everywhere friezes are needed. First, your siding should have a frieze board where the siding stops at the eaves. You will also want to use frieze boards at foundations and other areas where there are transitions. To improve the appearance of the friezes, use wider boards and paint them a contrasting color.

Add Veneers on Cover Porches

A popular improvement when renovating a home exterior is adding a covered porch. Your porch is an area where you may want to use different siding designs. Today, there are various options for siding veneers that you can have installed on porches. These can be veneers that resemble masonry or more rustic materials like logs. Log cabin siding is a great solution if you are trying to create a more rustic and inviting design for your home.

Consider Contemporary Siding Styles

There are also options for contemporary siding designs. To give your home a contemporary makeover with new siding, you may want to use panels or unique patterns. Modern veneer siding materials can also be used for contemporary architecture. You may want to talk to your siding contractor about the different options to give your home a new look.

If you choose to use siding to refinish your home's exterior, the combination of different styles and features will give your home a fresh new look. Contact local siding services to start designing the new finishes for the exterior of your home.