4 Elements In Plumbing Construction

Posted on: 29 April 2021

The same plumber you would call to clear a clog from your drain might not be the person to call when you need a new plumbing system installed. Plumbing construction requires a lot of knowledge and attention to detail.

Plumbing professionals who specialize in new construction are capable of creating a plumbing system from scratch. These new plumbing systems feature four essential elements that a plumbing construction expert must be able to navigate with ease.

1. Piping

Pipes are the main component in a plumbing system. A network of pipes works together to help deliver water to plumbing fixtures and water-using appliances.

All pipes must be installed correctly to avoid leaks and plumbing failures after the plumbing system is put into use. Plumbing construction experts know how to handle piping properly and install a new pipe network efficiently.

2. Sewer Lines

Once the pipes have been installed, a plumbing construction expert will move on to the installation of sewer lines. This is a critical phase in the construction process.

The sewer lines need to be installed correctly to avoid backups or the release of toxic gases once the plumbing system is being used. Sewer lines must be placed carefully to prevent any contamination of the freshwater flowing into a new plumbing system.

3. Shut-Off Valves

Shut-off valves are designed to help the user gain greater control over his or her plumbing system.

Plumbers who specialize in new construction will take the time to ensure all plumbing fixtures and water-using appliances are fitted with a shut-off valve. This will allow the end-user to terminate the water supply to any fixture in the event of an emergency.

Shut-off valves can also be used to adjust the water pressure flowing through any plumbing fixture or appliance.

4. Fixtures

The final phase of plumbing construction is the installation of plumbing fixtures. An experienced professional can help with the selection of quality toilets, faucets, sinks, and water-using appliances.

Once the fixtures have been purchased, a plumbing construction expert will install each fixture and ensure that no leaks are present.

A new plumbing system wouldn't be completely functional without the addition of quality plumbing fixtures installed by an experienced plumber.

There are many elements that must be addressed when building a new plumbing system. Only plumbers with experience working in plumbing construction should be entrusted with the installation of piping, sewer lines, shut-off valves, and plumbing fixtures. Contact someone like Legacy Plumbing Inc for more information.