Preparing Your Project For Ready Mix Concrete Delivery To Reduce Losses

Posted on: 29 April 2021

If you have ever had to pay for a concrete delivery that has gone bad, you know that these can be expensive errors for your projects. Therefore, you want to be prepared when you schedule a ready mix concrete delivery for your next project. The following preparations will ensure your project is ready for concrete delivery:

Ensure Access to the Site

The most important task to prepare your project for concrete delivery is access. If there is any soil moving that needs to be done, this should be done long before you schedule the concrete. If there is going to be a problem for trucks accessing the area, you are going to need equipment to move materials or rent a pump truck. If you need a pump truck, it is important to schedule it to be at the site before pouring concrete. This will give the pump truck operator time to set up before the first delivery arrives.

Prepare the Terrain

The terrain where concrete needs to be poured also needs preparations. If there are excavations that need to be done, this work should be done weeks before pouring concrete. The terrain should be inspected for the last time the day before the scheduled delivery. This will give you time to correct any issues and finish preparing the forms for the day of the concrete delivery.

Equipment to Move Concrete

There is going to be some concrete equipment that you need for the installation of the concrete. These may be things like wheelbarrows or dumper buckets that may be needed to move the materials. If you are may have problems getting the ready-mix truck to where concrete is needed, you want to make sure this equipment is available.

Concrete Pouring and Finishing Materials

There are also materials that you are going to need for pouring the concrete. You may need to have extra plastics and form boards to prepare the site and make changes for pouring the concrete. The plastic may be needed to prevent fluid from being lost from the concrete too quickly. Form boards and bracing may be needed to make final adjustments and changes when pouring the concrete. Sometimes, the changes to the forms need to be made due to the weight of the concrete causing damage.

The preparations you make for your concrete delivery can reduce errors and extra costs. If you need to have concrete delivered, contact a ready mix concrete service to schedule the next delivery for your project.