Why You May Want To Consider An Earth-Sheltered Home

Posted on: 30 April 2021

Are you thinking of building a new home but are not impressed with what you've seen on the market so far? Are you looking to do something unique or different when it comes to buying your next piece of real estate? Today, one concept that is growing in popularity is the idea of an earth-sheltered home. An earth-sheltered home uses land, literally the soil itself, as part of the structure and support of the house. An earth-sheltered home may have soil or natural rock as its roof or as part of a supporting wall inside the home. Here's why you might want to talk to a local earth home builder about moving forward with this concept today.

Lower Long-Term Maintenance and Repair Costs

You expect to pay a certain price for a home when you first sign on the dotted line, but another cost of homeownership is ongoing maintenance and repair. A traditional roof will need regular maintenance and support if you want to keep it in good condition for years to come. This could include replacing asphalt shingles or patching up problems that could lead to a leak. When your house's roof is literally the ground above you, this removes a significant ongoing expense from your budget. You may have to "mow your roof" just like you would the rest of your yard to keep it looking great, but there will be fewer large expenses over the years when compared to a traditional roof.

Using the Natural World Around You is Environmentally-Friendly

If you've always been interested in being good to the environment, or you want to live in a house that just screams sustainability, you can't get much better than an earth-sheltered home. By using the natural ground or rock around you as part of your home, your builder will be purchasing or creating less asphalt, concrete, or other traditional building supplies to create your home. Living in an earth-sheltered home will significantly reduce your family's environmental footprint when compared to a traditional build.

A Unique Home That Will Stand Out From the Crowd

A house that is built into a natural rock structure or a house that has the top of a large hill as its literal roof provides a unique look that will make your house different than many others in the area. An earth-sheltered home says is unconventional, but in a way that will be appreciated by anyone who sees it, thanks to the previously mentioned sustainability and environmentally-friendly features.