5 Common Radiator Problems And Their Solutions

Posted on: 1 October 2015

If you use a boiler to heat your home, you know how detrimental it can be for it to stop working. When it does stop working, you should work with an experienced contractor to fix it. However, there are some common problems that occur with boilers, and knowing them will allow you to spot the signs and be prepared in case of a breakdown.

1. No Pressure or Low Pressure

If you are experiencing low or no pressure in your boiler, there may be a problem with the flow of water that heads to the boiler. Typically, a low pressure problem can be corrected by simply adding water into the filling loop. Once the water enters into the system, pressure will be restored. 

2. No Heat from the Radiators

If your boiler is running, but you cannot feel any heat from the top of the radiator, there is likely some type of blockage in the system caused by dirt or dust. If you are experiencing this problem, it can easily be corrected by bleeding the radiator system to remove any trapped air. If blocked air is not the problem, then you may need to flush out the system to remove dirt, dust, and debris. 

3. Thermostat Incorrect or Not Functioning

If your thermostat is not working correctly or it is displaying the wrong information, then it may be faulty. Typically, thermostats will end up failing over time from old age. To correct this problem, you will need to have a professional come out and replace the thermostat to ensure proper heating of your home from here on out. 

4. Boiler Kettling

Boiler kettling is a problem that occurs when the boiler makes a clinging, clanging, or whistling sound. This occurs when there is too much limescale built up in the system. To correct this issue, you will need to bleed the radiator and flush out the system. If you do not feel comfortable doing this, you can have a professional correct the issue for you. 

5. Leaking Boiler

A leaking boiler is another common problem that occurs. Typically, a leak will happen when a pipe is broken, a connection is not fitted properly, or when there is a pressure difference in the unit. To correct a leak, you must know what is causing the leak first. If you are unsure of where the leak is coming from, a professional can diagnose and assess the problem for you. 

These five common boiler problems happen quite often, and if you are experiencing any of these issues, you can quickly fix them yourself or call your local technician out to come take a look. Identifying each one of these problems is easy, and keeping an eye on your boiler will prevent you and your family from freezing this winter. Visit Vowel Plumbing & Heating for more information.