Metal Roof Installation Tips That Homeowners Should Remember

Posted on: 10 May 2021

A lot of homeowners decide to put metal on their roofs instead of conventional materials like asphalt shingles. If you are making this renovation to your own property, these metal roof installation tips can really make a difference in how metal looks and functions on your roof. 

Predrill Metal Materials

In order to secure metal sections to your home's roof, you will need to drill holes through them to make way for fasteners. You can accomplish this pretty easily if you pre-drill metal materials before they're lined up on the roof.

Doing this will make fastening metal sections a lot easier, and you can also make sure your pre-drilled holes are more consistent with each other. That's pivotal in getting metal sections placed evenly. You can use a measuring tool to make sure holes are pre-drilled in the right areas of metal each time.

Put on Cut-Proof Gloves

Working with metal around a residential roof can put your hands at risk, which is why before you start messing around with these materials, you should put on some type of cut-proof gloves. Then you can work a lot quicker because you won't have to worry about metal sections hurting your hands.

The cut-proof gloves give you extra protection regardless of how sharp some of the metal sections may be. Be careful though to not get gloves that are going to make it hard to move your hands. You still need movement to place metal materials correctly and fasten them with the appropriate tools.

Clean the Roof Post-Installation

Once you get done putting metal on your roof, you will want to clean the entire roof off. There will be metal pieces where you cut and manipulated sections. They may seem pretty harmless, but if they get left out for a long time, they can rust and then cause other sections of your roof to also rust.

Cleaning them off will protect your new metal roof and also make the end results look much better. You can use a wireless vacuum or just an air compressor to blow metal pieces off and onto the ground.

Metal roofs can be costly, but they can improve a home's value a considerable amount considering how durable they are. If you are handling some or most of the installation yourself, it helps to read up on installation advice that can help you stay safe and get the best results. For more information, reach out to a local roofing company, like Blue Water Roofing